How to Convert USB Mouse to Bluetooth

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Computer mice do not always work with Bluetooth technology, unless configured to do so. A Bluetooth-enabled mouse works wirelessly, freeing you to move around with your computer. If you own a USB (Universal Serial Bus) mouse and desire to connect via Bluetooth, you must know how to add a device to your laptop or desktop to complete this process.

Step 1

Push the "Connect" button beneath your USB mouse and do not let go until it blinks a green and red color.

Step 2

Click "Start" and "Devices and Printers" from your laptop or desktop. Click the "Add a Device" option via the upper portion of your window panel.

Click the name of your [Bluetooth]( mouse from your results list. Push the "Enter" button on your computer keyboard. Then, type "0000"when you see password prompt. This enables you to convert your USB mouse over to Bluetooth.


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