How to Convert Flac Files to Audio CD

By Stephen Lilley


A Flac file is an extremely high-quality music file, giving greater sound quality than a standard MP3 file. A Flac file is completely uncompressed, which means that you are hearing the original audio with the highest possible quality allowed by your computer. However, if you want to listen to these files on the go, you'll have to burn them to an audio CD; here's how.

Step 1

Download and install a CD burning program that supports Flac files, such as Nero Burning Rom (see Resources).

Step 2

Place a blank CD in your CD-RW drive. Make sure the drive's tray is closed.

Step 3

Add the Flac files to your CD burning program's "To Burn" list. Select the files from your hard drive and arrange them in your ideal order. Drag the files from the folder on your hard drive into the main burner application window.

Step 4

Burn the CD. Once you press the "Burn" button in the program, it will convert Flac files into a format that can be read by most CD players. The program will alert you when the disc is fully burned and ready to use.