How to Convert Video TS Files to Play on DVD Player

by Adam Cloe Ph.D./M.D.

TS files are a way that some movies, when they have been ripped, are stored on your computer. While these movies are video files, most standalone DVD players will be unable to read them, even if they are burned onto a DVD. In order to play a video TS file on a DVD, it will need to be converted to a format that a DVD burner can read and then put onto a playable DVD

How to convert video TS files to play on a DVD player

Open the TS file. The best way to do this is to use a program such as MPEG Streamclip. Go to the "File" menu, select "Open," and then choose your TS file.

Convert to MPEG. In the main window of MPEG Stream, there will be a button that reads "Convert to." Click this button and select MPEG-2. Then, choose your output folder and click the start button.

Download an DVD burner. A good one to try is Toast (for a Mac) or Nero (for a PC).

Open your MPEG file using your converter/burner. Click the "+" button at the top of the main window of Toast (Or Nero) and then select your MPEG file. Then, click the button that says "burn video DVD."

Select your DVD-writing drive (often the D drive) and click "Start." After this is disc is burned, it will be compatible with your DVD player.

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