How to Convert a DVD to Region Free

By Timothy Baron

DVDs are often restricted by the regions they're produced for.
i a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

DVDs can be very particular about which DVD players they work in. DVD players are often coded to the region they're produced in, as are DVDs. These codes have to match. For instance, DVDs produced for the United States must be played on DVD players also produced for the United States. Those same DVDs would not display on players produced for China or Europe. You can get around this restriction by making a DVD region-free. Because the region code is physically burned into the DVD, however, this process requires you to create a new DVD without regional restrictions.

Open your DVD burning software. If you don't already have a program installed, many can be downloaded freely off the Internet. Examples include InfraRecorder, DVDDecrypter and Nero 9.

Insert your DVD into your computer's DVD drive.

Rip (copy) your DVD using your DVD burning software. The command name is different with every program. Examples include "DVD to ISO," "Rip DVD," and "Create ISO." This process might take several minutes.

Open DVDshrink. If you don't already own it, you can download it freely over the Internet.

Drag and drop your movie ISO into the DVDshrink window. Click the "Backup" button and then the "DVD Region" tab. Check the box next to "Region Free." This will convert it to being region free.

Insert your rewritable DVD into your DVD burner.

Click "Burn." DVDshrink will now create a region free version of your DVD.