How to Contact Someone on Craigslist

By Robert Schrader

Updated September 01, 2017

Every day, millions of people around the world use Craigslist to post ads for jobs, goods, services, housing ... even romance. Allowing people to easily contact someone posting an ad is something Craigslist does well, so there are a variety of ways to contact a Craigslist advertiser if you're interested in making a connection or transaction.

Navigate to the Craigslist ad whose poster you want to contact. The only way to access a Craigslist user's contact information is via an ad he posted.

Click the "Reply" button under the posting title. In most cases, an anonymized, "" email address is displayed with options to send an email using your default email client, copy the email address to your clipboard, or use a web-based email service like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL. Select any of these options and then compose an email address to the ad's owner. Alternatively, the Reply button may reveal a telephone number.

Peruse the text of the Craigslist ad for the poster's email address or phone number if there is no Reply button. These may be in the ad itself, or visible when you click a "Show contact info" link at the end of the post. Craigslist users often post contact information directly in the body of ads to facilitate easier, more direct communication with interested parties.


Should a post not contain any contact info, Craigslist says you can notify the poster by clicking the "Send Note" button at the bottom of the post.


Don't contact Craigslist posters for matters irrelevant to the subject matter of an ad. Doing so violates Craigslist's Terms of Use and may constitute harassment if you engage in such behavior on an ongoing basis.