How to Connect a Phone to the TomTom One XL

By William Pullman

Bluetooth allows you to connect wirelessly to other phones.
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The TomTom One XL GPS device can connect to Bluetooth compatible mobile phones, which enables you to make hands-free calls through the GPS device and receive updated information for some of TomTom's services, such as traffic. The phone is connected by pairing it to the One XL, similar to pairing the phone with a Bluetooth headset. To receive updates on the One XL, you need to have wireless data service on your phone account and your TomTom account username and password.

Step 1

Tap the TomTom One XL screen to access the main menu.

Step 2

Touch the right arrow button to go to the second menu page, and touch "Manage Phones." A message appears informing you that you need to create a connection between the GPS device and your phone.

Step 3

Tap "Yes" to continue. A second message appears.

Step 4

Turn on your phone's Bluetooth and make it discoverable. The Bluetooth options are located in the Settings section on many phones. Refer to the phone's manual for more information.

Step 5

Tap "Yes" on the TomTom One XL to search for your phone. A list of available Bluetooth devices appears on the screen.

Step 6

Touch the name of your phone in the list. Your phone displays a message prompting you to enter the passkey.

Step 7

Enter "0000" as the passkey on your phone.

Step 8

Select "Yes" or "OK" on your phone if you're prompted to accept the Bluetooth connection with the TomTom One XL. A "Congratulations" message appears when the phone and the TomTom One XL are paired.

Step 9

Tap "Continue" twice on the GPS device.

Step 10

Touch "Yes" if you want to use some of the additional TomTom services, such as TomTom Traffic. The TomTom One XL configures the wireless data connection. Tap "No" if you only want to use the hands-free calling feature and finish the phone connection set up.

Step 11

Tap the name of your service provider or your phone model when prompted by the TomTom One XL, if you want to use additional TomTom services. Once connected, a congratulatory message appears.

Step 12

Touch "Continue."

Step 13

Enter your TomTom account username using the on-screen keyboard, and then tap "OK."

Step 14

Type your TomTom account password and press "OK."