How to Connect PC to Airport Wireless

by William McCoy

An extended wait in an airport lobby or lounge may not be the most exciting way to spend your time, but if you're traveling with a laptop PC, you can enjoy using the computer as you wait. Getting online may be your first priority, and if you're in an area of the airport with a free Wi-Fi connection, or hot spot, you can connect easily to the airport's network.


Click on your computer's method of connecting to a wireless Internet connection. If you have Windows XP, click the "Start" icon and press "Connect to." If you have Windows Vista, click on the "Network" icon on the bottom right of the taskbar and click "Connect to a network."


Search for available wireless networks by clicking on the "Refresh" or "Search for Wireless" buttons. Your computer may be set up to automatically detect wireless networks, but refreshing your system may reveal more available connections.


Browse the list of available networks to search for the airport's free Wi-Fi. It may be labeled as the airport's name or the name of an airline. It may also include the term "Public" and will not be password protected.


Click on the appropriate connection to connect your PC to the airport's Wi-Fi. Doing so will often load a user agreements screen. Read the message and click "OK" or "Agree" to join the network.


  • check Many first-class airport lounges offer free, high-speed Wi-Fi to passengers.

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