How to Connect Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

by Jasmine Haryana

Jabra burst onto the audio microtechnology scene in the early 1980s, gaining initial attention for its Macintosh EarPhone telephony products. Jabra's cell phone Bluetooth headsets have also garnered wide acclaim for their sleek aesthetics and compact form. Jabra Bluetooth headsets can be connected or "paired" with virtually any cell phone.

Ensure that your Jabra headset is turned completely off. Press the tap button on the headset until it ceases flashing and the light goes off.

Hold down the tap button to power your Jabra headset back on. Keep holding the power button until the lit power indicator cycles past flashing mode and becomes solid.

Release the power button.

Navigate through your cell phone "Settings" menu and ensure your "Bluetooth" or "Hands-free" section is set to the "On" or "Active" mode.

Choose "Search for new devices" or "Find new devices" on your phone's Bluetooth or hands-free menu.

Place the Jabra headset close to your phone to ensure it can be discovered by your cell phone.

Select a "Connect" or "Pair" option once the Jabra headset name displays on your cell phone.

Enter the default passcode by entering "0000" on your cell phone keypad.

Ensure that the Jabra headset has been paired. Look for the Bluetooth icon in the upper portion of your cell phone screen. Make a call to verify that audio is being routed through the Jabra headset.


  • check Make sure you hold the headset power button down until it becomes solid in Step 2; many Jabra pairing difficulties are the result of impatience.


  • close Never attempt to pair a Bluetooth headset while driving.

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