How to Connect My iPod to My Car Stereo With Bluetooth

by Matthew Cote
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Playing your own music in the car is a great plus to driving. While many auxiliary plugs and adapters are available for establishing a physical connection, some car stereos are equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your iPod wirelessly. Enabling your stereo's Bluetooth will eliminate the need for cluttered wires, while offering you unmatched listening convenience.

Step 1

Engage the stereo's [Bluetooth]( to make it discoverable by other devices. Refer to your system's user manual for specifics regarding this procedure. In most cases, open your system's "Menu" option, then look for a file named "Bluetooth," "Wireless" or "iPod Options."

Step 2

Open the "Settings" folder on the home screen; choose "General"; select "Bluetooth" and slide the switch beside "Bluetooth" to "On."

Select the stereo when it is listed beneath "Devices." Clicking it should result in a connection getting established. Play your music to ensure the functionality of the system.


  • If the connection fails to establish, check to see if your stereo's Bluetooth is password-protected. The iPod will prompt you for it when you click to connect with the stereo.


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  • audio-set, bluetooth image by Andrey Chmelyov from

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