How to Connect Earbuds to a Car Radio (3 Steps)

By Robert Schrader

Connecting your earbuds to your car radio can result in clearer sound.
i earphones image by Christos Kyratsous from

Although large speakers can add incredible bass and volume to sound, you might prefer the crisp, clear sound you get when listening to music with headphones. If you own an iPod or any other portable electronic device, you probably also have a pair of ear buds — small, headphones you insert into into your ear canal slightly — so that you can listen to music on the go. In some instances, you might even be able to connect ear buds to your car's stereo, although you should use caution when listening to music in this manner.

Step 1

Hook your ear buds directly into your car's radio by inserting the jack into the "Aux" port, if your car has one. Just as is the case with an iPod or portable CD player, doing so will transmit audio directly from the stereo output to your ears.

Step 2

Connect wireless ear buds to your car's stereo using Bluetooth technology if both devices are equipped with it. Navigate through you car stereo's menu until you get to the option to turn on the Bluetooth, at which point it will detect your Bluetooth ear buds and begin transmitting its audio output to them wireless.

Step 3

Avoid listening to music in your car using ear buds if you are the one who's driving. Although it's OK for passengers to have their hearing obstructed, it's essential that you remain alert while operating a motor vehicle, in case someone honks to let you know they're in danger of hitting you. In many states, it's illegal to drive while wearing headphones.