How to Connect a Blackberry to a PC

By Traci Joy

Blackberry connected to PC

There are few reasons that you would need to connect your Blackberry to a computer, such as transferring files, songs, ringtones and other downloads. If your Blackberry is connected, you can also perform fast downloads and upgrade the Blackberry software. Connecting a Blackberry to a PC is not difficult, and can be done in just a few easy steps.

Power on your PC and turn on your Blackberry phone.

Insert the Blackberry driver installation software CD that came with your Blackberry phone. If you do not have this, proceed to Step 3. The PC will automatically search for drivers when the phone connects.

Connect the miniature USB end to the mini-USB port on the Blackberry phone. It is advisable to have the cord connected to the phone before connecting it to the computer. That way, when the cord plugs in to the USB port on the PC, it can immediately begin reading the phone's data.

Connect the other standard USB end of the USB/Blackberry connecting cord to a 2.0 USB port on the computer. Most USB ports are 2.0, but if you have an older computer this may not be the case. When you connect the Blackberry, if the USB port is not a 2.0 you will get a pop-up that notifies you of this. You will need to find another computer with a 2.0 USB port to connect to.

Wait for the PC to download and install the drivers that are necessary in order for it to read your Blackberry correctly. A small pop-up will notify you that your device is now installed and ready to be used on the computer.