What Can I Do With Bluetooth?

by Aaron Wardell

Bluetooth is a portable technology that is commonly used with cell phones and computers. This high-frequency, short-range wireless technology adds a new layer of functionality and greatly enhances the enjoyment of these devices. Knowing what this technology is capable of will allow you to best use it to your advantage.

Cell Phone Uses

Bluetooth is compatible with almost all modern cell phones as a way to connect other devices to it. Devices like wireless headsets allow you to keep the phone in your pocket or purse while talking with a headset attached to your ear. Wireless headphones allow you to listen to music if your phone has a digital music player and supports stereo Bluetooth. Finally, you can sync the phone to the computer in order to "tether" Internet access or transfer files.

Computer Uses

Most laptop computers come with Bluetooth installed while most desktop computers need a Bluetooth USB adapter (called a "dongle") installed to enable functionality. Bluetooth is an easy way to wirelessly transfer large files from one Bluetooth-enabled computer to another. It can also allow the syncing of personal digital assistants, cell phones and other portable computing devices to transfer many types of files.

Wireless Computer Peripherals

Wireless keyboards, mice, controllers and speaker systems are just a few of the computer peripherals that are available with Bluetooth technology. These are handy if you have to travel and need a wireless solution for your computer, or if your PDA doesn't accept USB devices. Simply sync the Bluetooth device with your computer, install the drivers and you're good to go. Game systems like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's Xbox use Bluetooth technology in their controllers as well.

About the Author

Aaron Wardell is a freelance writer, professional musician, audiophile, cell phone nut and computer geek. He holds a master's degree in vocal music performance from the University of Cincinnati. His true passions include anything related to classical vocal music and it's performance, including opera, oratorio and choral music.