How Can I See Deleted Text Messages Online?

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It's easy to accidentally delete something essential at a click of the button. However, deleted messages are usually not really deleted but are put aside to make room in a phone's memory for more messages. With the appropriate software, it is possible to recover messages that have disappeared. Many versions of text recovery software include free trails and are user friendly.

Step 1

Take the cell phone that contained the messages that were deleted. To recover the deleted messages the phone handset is needed.

Step 2

Browse the Internet for SIM card recovery software. There are many data recovery programs to be found online, but you will need software that is designed specifically to [recover text messages]( from phones.

Step 3

Download the SIM card recovery software. This should take 10 to 20 minutes. If it is taking longer, consult the help menu or contact customer assistance.

Select a date range for the message that was deleted. Recovery programs usually work in terms of dates rather than by sender or title of message. Dates are the most efficient way of recovering deleted messages. Once you have selected the dates of the deleted messages, they should appear back on your phone.


  • Retrieve only your own messages and not those of spouses or children. Looking for other people's deleted text messages can damage a relationship and is unethical, unless if there is danger suspected.


  • Use the free trial version of SIM card recovery software. Often these free trials can last for 40 days.


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