How to Burn PC Games

By Randall Shatto

i Compact disc in Drive image by Edward Stephens from

You may want to burn PC games for backup purposes, downloaded content or when you borrow a game from a friend. There are two different methods in which this can be accomplished. One way is to burn downloaded content, and the other is to burn a PC game disk to a blank CD.

Burn Downloaded PC Games

Step 1

Insert your blank CD into your burner.

Step 2

Open Nero Express. There are several burning programs available. However, for the sake of this article, Nero Express will be used. Other programs' instructions may differ from these instructions. Click on the "Start" menu bar. Then go to the tab "All Programs." Click on "Nero."

Step 3

A pop-up of Nero Express will be displayed. To burn PC games to your blank disk, click on "Data Disk."

Step 4

Click on "Add" in the pop-up window. This will bring up a browser for your hard drive. Locate the PC games you wish to burn. Click on them one by one until the bar at the bottom of the screen is full to the red, dotted line.

Step 5

Click "Next." You will come to a window that displays your current burner, write speed and if you wish to have a multisession disk. The multisession should be unchecked unless you are using a CD-RW disk and you wish to add more files at a later time.

Step 6

Click "Burn" and wait for the CD to be complete. This varies on the speed of the computer; however, a faster PC should take less than 30 minutes.

Burn PC Game Disks

Step 1

Place your PC game disk into your CD-ROM drive. Your blank CD disk should be placed in your burner. You must have two types of CD-ROMs installed in your computer.

Step 2

Open Nero Express or equivalent. Click on your "Start" bar menu. Then open "All Programs" and click on "Nero Express."

Step 3

Click on "Copy Entire Disk." You will see a source drive and a destination drive. Your PC game disk should be in the source drive, and your blank CD should be in the destination drive. Decide whether you just want one copy or more than one.

Step 4

Click on "Burn." This process will take a little longer than just burning files from your PC. A fast computer may take around 45 minutes to accomplish the burn process.