How to Burn DVDs to a DVD+R

by Shelley Smith

Most computers today come equipped with DVD burners or the ability to copy a DVD. The DVD is a popular way to house large amounts of data, pictures, videos, and movies. The DVD-R is used to burn or copy the information from the existing DVD.

The ability to burn a DVD on a computer adds value, because the user can burn his original material for an extremely low cost. Burning DVDs may require the addition of software that allows you to burn DVDs on your computer.

Determine whether or not the DVD can be burned or copied. Some DVDs have a mechanism built in that prohibits them from being burned. When you try to burn a prohibited DVD, a message will pop up that says that the DVD "cannot be copied."

Locate the DVD burner software on your computer. Computers with a DVD burner should already have the software installed. Two of the most popular are Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded at, and Roxio Creator, which can be downloaded at There are many reputable DVD-burning software programs.

Place the DVD to be burned in the DVD slot on the computer.

Open the software that you will use to burn the DVD and click the burn button. When the DVD has been burned, a pop-up window will tell you that the DVD burn is complete and it will instruct you to insert a blank DVD-R.

Insert the blank DVD-R (recordable DVD), and your DVD will begin to load onto this blank DVD-R. Once it is complete, the program will tell you whether or not the DVD was burned successfully. Most programs will also allow you to insert another DVD-R to burn an additional DVD.

Label your new DVD if your computer has labeling capability.


  • check Play the newly created DVD to ensure that it copied properly.


  • close Be advised that copyright laws exist in burning or copying DVDs, and duplication of some DVDs may be illegal.

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