How to Burn DVD With Nero

by Catherine Grainger

If you're searching for one of the best ways to burn DVDs, Nero is an excellent choice. Nero CD/DVD burner has several different versions on the market today. The most recent version is version 9, which has been downloaded millions of times by satisfied users. With Nero, you can complete a variety of tasks such as creating your own video and music files. You also have the option to create, burn, rip, copy, share, upload online and edit your files. Burning DVDs with Nero allows you to quickly upload your finished product to YouTube, My Nero and Myspace. You can record, pause, customize and watch your DVDs in the same way that you do live TV. Or, use the wizard template to create movies, slideshow and special effects that can all be burned to DVD with 3D menus.


Make sure that you have a DVD that can hold all of the data that you want to burn to it. If the DVD cannot hold the entire file, you will need to have another ready to continue the burn.


You can schedule more than one DVD to burn consecutively, but not more than one at a time. Be sure that your settings are correct, so that each burn is able to finish completely.


Make sure that if you are trying to burn a BlueRay DVD that you have selected the right type of disk to burn to. The type of media you are trying to burn does make a difference.


Choose the correct settings in Nero specific to the type of DVD you are using before you begin your burn.


Select the accurate to and from destination to choose and to save the file. For example, if you are burning from your hard drive to a DVD drive or from a different drive to a DVD drive.


Allow the wizard or burning process to fully initiate and to complete the entire burn. If you stop the process before it is finished or remove the disk before the system says it is complete, the disk will most likely be ruined and you will not be able to use some disks again.


  • check Nero allows for playback media management that has the latest digital audio file formats. This means Nero will recognize your DVD you've burned for the specific format it is, not read it into a music player when it should be a movie.
  • check Burning DVDs with Nero does require the purchase of Nero software in order to make use of all of the features. Nero does offer a limited free trial for those who wish to try the software before buying it.

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