How to Burn a DVD

by Contributor

Burning computer files on a DVD can be a great way to backup your information. Most one-sided writeable and rewritable DVD discs can store nearly five gigabytes of information, while two-sided writeable and rewriteable DVD discs can hold over eight gigabytes. There are many programs available for purchase that you can use to burn a DVD. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using one of the most popular CD and DVD burning utilities--Nero Burning ROM. Read on to learn how to burn a DVD.

Insert your writeable or rewriteable DVD into your writeable DVD drive. Click on your start menu and select "All Programs," "Nero" and "Nero StartSmart."

Locate the pull-down menu at the top of the window that shows "CD" displayed. Click on the arrow to view the rest of the menu and select DVD.

Find the icons under the pull-down menu you just used. Click on the "Data" icon. Then click on "Make Data DVD."

Click on the "Add" button when the Nero Express window opens. Find the files on your hard drive that you would like to burn to the DVD and select them. When you're done selecting files, click "Finished."

Select "Next" to get to the Final Burn Settings screen. If you can select the speed at which to write your disc, select the 8x option. Click "Burn" and wait as your files are burned to the DVD. Click "OK" once the window pops up telling you the burn process was completed successfully.


  • check In Nero, the progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows how much space you have filled up on the disc with the files you have added, as well as the amount of space you have left. If you are using a two-sided writeable or rewriteable DVD, be sure to select "DVD 9" from the pull-down menu to the right of this progress bar.
  • check Other popular DVD burning utilities available for purchase include Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning and Honestech Fireman CD/DVD Burner.