How to Burn a Digital Copy to DVD

By Erick Kristian

Burning digital video files to a DVD is a process that takes minutes to master.
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Burning a digital copy such as an MPG or AVI file to a DVD is easy and requires basic DVD authoring software. Learning to burn a digital video file to a DVD is useful for downloading movies and watching them on TV. It's also great for watching your own home movies on TV.

Step 1

Download and install a DVD authoring software. NERO DVD software is a suite designed for CD and DVD authoring. It's free to download a trial version. Nero isn't the only option, other software choices include Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Real Player, Divx Player and Total Video Converter. Whichever program you choose, insert a blank DVD into the computer's DVD drive.

Step 2

Open Nero Vision (if this is your software choice) by accessing "Start Menu", "Programs", "Nero", then "Vision". Click "Make DVD", then "DVD-Video". Click "Add" to open an explorer dialog box that allows the user to locate and add the files they want to burn. Locate and select the files for burning using the dialog box and click "OK". Once all the files have been added click "Next".

Step 3

Fill out the information for menu options in the menu screen. Type the name of the DVD into the "Title Menu". Customize any other menu options. However, default options are fine for most projects. Click "Next" to preview the DVD. If everything is in check, click "Next".

Step 4

Click "Burn" to Burn the DVD. This may take some time, depending on the files involved and the burner speed. Nero encodes the video files as DVD files--which can take 30 minutes to one hour on most computers. Then the program burns those files which can take two to 10 minutes. When Nero is finished it will eject the DVD.