How to Burn Video TS & Audio TS Files to a DVD

by Andrew Schrader
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Audio and Video TS folders are the main contents on a DVD. All the DVD's information is located within these folders, including the VOB, BUP and IFO files. Since you already have the Audio and Video TS folders, you have what is called a pre-authored DVD, meaning your files are ready to be burnt. However, there are no programs that come standard with your computer that can burn these files straight to DVD, so you will need to download software from the Internet. Choices include Nero, ImToo DVD Creator and AVS Video Converter, among others. Each has the option of downloading a free trial before purchasing the software.

Nero Burning Rom

Step 1

Download and install [Nero]( Burning Rom. Agree to the licensing terms and launch the program. Insert a blank DVD.

Step 2

Select the "DVD-Video" option in the left panel of the screen. Click "New" to enter the New Compilation window.

Step 3

Click on the input file browser to locate and select the Video TS folder. Right-click the folder and select "Copy to Compilation."

Click the "Burn" button and click the "Write" box. Select a "Write Speed," based on the speeds Nero allows you to burn at. Click "Burn" to begin burning your DVD.


Step 1

Download and install ImToo DVD Creator. Launch the program and insert a blank DVD.

Step 2

Click the "Add Video Files" button in the program's main screen. Locate and highlight all the contents in the Video TS folder and open in ImToo.

Click the "Destination" drop down menu and select the blank DVD as your destination--(where the program will save the file to. Click the "Start Burn" button to begin burning.

AVS Video Converter

Step 1

Download and install AVS Video Converter. Agree to the licensing terms, open the program and insert a blank DVD into your computer.

Step 2

Click the "Browse..." button next to "Input File Name" to locate the Video TS folder on your computer. Highlight the whole folder and open it in AVS.

Step 3

Click the "To DVD" button and press the other "Browse..." button, located next to "Output File Name." Select the blank DVD as your destination--telling AVS to burn your TS files to DVD--and click "Convert Now!"

Click the "Burn to Disc" option when prompted to begin burning your DVD.


  • Please allow several minutes for DVD conversions. The time it takes to burn will depend largely on the size of your video files.


  • When adding files, you can just select the Video TS folder. The Audio TS folder will automatically import.
  • Create your own menus in ImToo and AVS Video Converter by clicking the "Menu" or "Template" buttons. Double-click the desired pictures or elements you want to add to your personalized menu.


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