Does Bluetooth Work With a Landline Phone?

By Steven Melendez

You can buy special landline phones that connect to your cell phone by Bluetooth so you can answer and make calls through either your landline or mobile connection. You can also buy a Bluetooth adapter to use a Bluetooth headset with your existing landline.

Dial Through Your Cell Phone

Certain special landline phones, such as those made by Panasonic, VTech and Uniden, allow you to answer and place calls through your cell phone signal as well as through your landline.

These phones connect to your existing cell phone using Bluetooth, a standardized technology with which devices communicate wirelessly. When you place a call, you can choose whether to dial out through your landline phone or through your cell connection, and you can answer calls from either service through the same phone.

This can help you save money by taking advantage of the best rates between your wireless and landline carrier. It also allows you to use cordless phones to access your cell connection throughout your home or office while leaving the cell phone plugged in to an outlet or stored in the area where it has the best signal.

Dial Through Your Landline Phone

Bluetooth wireless headsets use Bluetooth technology to allow you to talk and answer calls hands free, without needing to run a wire between the headset and your phone.

Bluetooth headsets are often used with cell phones, but they can be used with landlines as well, provided you have a Bluetooth-enabled desk phone or an adapter. Bluetooth phones and adapters are available from Panasonic, Polycom and Chinavasion.

The adapters and phones plug in to an ordinary landline phone jack or office phone system, like a traditional phone or a cordless phone base, then connect to a headset of your choice using Bluetooth. This can be especially useful if you already have a Bluetooth headset to use with your cell phone. Then, you can move around your home or office while talking through your landline phone.


Your Bluetooth headset may or may not be able to connect to both the headset and the landline, and your cell phone may not be able to simultaneously connect with the landline and a Bluetooth headset. However, a headset with multipoint pairing technology can seamlessly switch between both the landline and the cell phone.