How to Install a Bluetooth Mouse to a Laptop

by Contributor

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled laptop, you can always use the Bluetooth mouse. It is comfortable for long use and can be easily carried around. Here is how to do it.

Check if your laptop is Bluetooth-enabled. You may either seek a technical expert or do it yourself.

Ensure that your mouse supports Bluetooth 2.0 or a higher technology.

Insert batteries into your Bluetooth mouse. Since it is not plugged into a power socket, it needs batteries.

Activate the Bluetooth device by turning on the wireless button.

Finish the installation using the hardware installation wizard.

Switch your Bluetooth mouse on by turning on the Bluetooth button. Once it is turned on, it will be detected by the laptop.

Right click on the Mouse icon on your screen and then select the 'Pair Device' option.

Follow the subsequent steps as given on the screen to complete the set up process. This process varies based on the operating system on your laptop.


  • check Refer to the laptop documentation for detailed and specific information about the installation.

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