What Does Bluetooth Enabled Mean?

By Karin Barga

Bluetooth technology eliminates cable connectivity.
i cord usb image by YURY MARYUNIN from Fotolia.com

The privately held trade association Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) trademarked the Bluetooth name and logo in 1998. SIG unified world leaders in the telecommunications, networking, computing, industrial automation and automotive industries. Originally assigned as a project code name, Bluetooth eventually stuck.

The Bluetooth Name

The word "Bluetooth" is derived from 10th century Danish King Harald Bl├ątand, likely referred to as Harold Bluetooth in the English translation of his name, according to Solware. King Harald became famous for his influential unification of Scandinavian Europe. The Bluetooth SIG adopted the moniker because Bluetooth technology, meant to unite multiple communications industries, was first developed in Scandinavia.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology wirelessly simplifies and combines multiple forms of wireless communication into a single, safe, low-power, affordable short wavelength radio frequency available to users worldwide. Bluetooth originally aimed to reduce the number of computer, printer, mouse and monitor cables cluttering households. The Bluetooth chip replaces these cables by transmitting the same data at a special frequency to a receiving chip inside a computer, cellular telephone, printer or other communications device.

Bluetooth Enabled

Bluetooth operates flexibly through wireless networking at short range. Essentially a Bluetooth-enabled device equipped with a Bluetooth receiver can link, communicate and share with as many as seven close-proximity Bluetooth devices. This information-sharing capability has become known as "bluejacking."