How to Find Bluetooth Devices with Windows

by Derek King
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Most modern computers include embedded Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This allows Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cell phones, printers, and televisions to connect to the computer wirelessly. Prior to connecting with a Bluetooth device, Windows must find and recognize it. This is the first step to connecting a Bluetooth-enabled device to the PC. Using the Control Panel, Windows includes an "Add a Device" utility to pair the two devices together. Use "Add a Device" to find, and ultimately connect, a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Step 1

Open the Start menu by clicking "Start," located in the bottom left portion of the desktop. Click "Control Panel" to open the Control Panel utility.

Step 2

Select the "Add a device" link, which is located underneath the "Hardware and Sound" header. The computer will begin to search for [Bluetooth]( devices within your personal area.

Step 3

View the listed Bluetooth devices from the search results window. Select the device that you want to connect to the computer, and click "Next."

Click "Add" in the bottom right portion of the window to confirm pairing the device with the computer. Click "Next" through the series of subsequent prompts to add the Bluetooth device.


  • Make sure the Bluetooth-enabled device is not turned off, low on battery power, or in sleep mode prior to attempting to connect. Also make sure the device is within close range of the computer. Between six and nine inches is a good distance for the setup process.


  • If you desired device was not listed in the search results from Step 3, make the device discoverable. Access your Bluetooth-enabled device's settings page, and turn on the device's "Listen" function to allow you computer to find it. For detailed connection instructions, refer to your device's user manual.


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  • headset für internet telefon image by Matthias Nordmeyer from

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