How Does a Bluetooth Cell Phone Work?

by Josienita Borlongan

Bluetooth Technology

The way Bluetooth works for a cell phone is similar to all other devices using Bluetooth technology, by using radio waves to transmit the cell phone signals to a wireless headset that is Bluetooth enabled. You can establish connections by either setting up access from a Bluetooth enabled cell phone to the Bluetooth compatible wireless device or, in the case of most new models, by letting the devices find each other by using radio waves. The Bluetooth's core system consists of three components, the RF (radio drequency) transceiver, baseband and protocol stack. These three components enable the connection of devices and allow the exchange of data between Bluetooth capable devices.

Bluetooth Enabling

A Bluetooth capable cell phone has the search option to find the Bluetooth device you would want to use within range. Then the cell phone goes into a pairing mode. A user turns on the Bluetooth headset and the cell phone finds it. Once the Bluetooth cell phone finds the device, it will synchronize the two together. Once a user acknowledges or accepts the headset option provided it should start working. Every time a Bluetooth headset is powered on, it can always be used right away. However, a user can expect the occasional drop in signal.

Frequency and Power

Bluetooth uses an open frequency similar to that used by WiFi and other similar wireless devices using the 2.4GHz band frequency. Due to the low frequency used, there are no interferences experienced with other similar devices. In addition, by using low power signals, Bluetooth can also avoid interference. It is also capable of offering a range of up to 100 feet with data transfer rate of 1Mb per second.

Compatible Devices

As long as the cell phone has Bluetooth, it can work with other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as wireless headsets, MP3 devices, hand-held gaming devices, PDAs and car kits for hands-free operation. Having a wireless headset or car kits for hands-free operation is very important especially for driving in some states that have laws prohibiting using a cell phone by hands while driving. In addition, with an MP3 player, having a Bluetooth cell phone allows the transfer of streaming audio and video, provided they have these capabilities. You can send games between Bluetooth devices that support these functions for added entertainment. A Bluetooth cell phone makes life a little safer and hassle-free by allowing constant use anywhere without using wired connections. It also takes advantage of Bluetooth enabled accessories.

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