AVG Not Displaying in Icons

By Matt Koble

If AVG isn't functioning correctly, your PC may be open to attack.
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AVG Anti-Virus offers both free and paid-for versions of the software to help protect your computer from viruses and other threats. If you're missing your AVG icon in your Windows system trey, it may just be hidden. If you're missing a desktop icon, you may have deleted it by mistake. If problems persist, the best option is to repair or reinstall AVG.

Launch the Program

The most common reason your AVG's icon isn't displayed is because the program isn't running. Click the "Start" orb and select "All Programs." From the list of available programs, locate AVG. Click it to launch the program. It's important that you try this first because it's the easiest fix. Also, if your antivirus program isn't running, your computer is susceptible to threats like viruses and spyware, so it's crucial to turn AVG back on as soon as possible.

Notification Area Icons

If your missing AVG icon is the one that usually appears in your Windows taskbar's notification area, the icon may be hidden. If there's a small triangle next to the icons, click it and see if AVG is listed as a hidden icon. If so, the icon is there, it's just not displayed with the others. Click the "Customize" button at the bottom of the window to bring up a new window. Find AVG in the new window and read the selected display option to the right of the program name. If it's set to "Hide icon and notifications" or "Only show notifications," switch it to "Show icon and notifications." Hit "OK" to save and your icon should appear instantly.

Desktop Icons

If your problem is a missing AVG icon on your desktop, you may have accidentally deleted the icon. You can easily create a new desktop icon to replace the missing one. Click the "Start" orb, then click "All Programs." Scroll through the list until you find the "AVG" folder. Click the folder to expand it, then right-click the program. Place your mouse over "Send to" to expand the options. Select "Desktop (create shortcut)" to make the new icon, then check your desktop to ensure AVG created the shortcut icon.

Repair or Reinstallation

If you're still having problems with your AVG icons, it's likely due to a bad installation or a corruption in the program. The best solution here is to repair or reinstall AVG. Go to AVG's website and download the latest version (see Resources). Open the downloaded installer and select "Repair Installation." Follow any on-screen directions to repair your copy of AVG. If this doesn't solve the problem, open the installer again and select "Uninstall," following the on-screen uninstallation directions. After completion, restart your computer and launch the installer again to reinstall the program.