How to Create a New Desktop Icon

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Some people can't stand to have their desktop covered with icons and others need them to find their programs. You should know how to create desktop icons in case you ever need them. Following the steps below will teach you to create new desktop icons.

Download a program. During installation, most programs will ask you if you want to create an icon for your desktop. You can uncheck it if you don't want an icon.

Go to your Start menu. Pick a program and right click on it. Click on the option to "Send to desktop (create shortcut)" to create the desktop icon.

Change the icon for a particular program. By right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting properties, you can change the icon in the box that pops up by choosing "Change icon."

Create icons for your desktop with such programs as Microsoft Paint or Microangelo. This will improve the look of your desktop since the icons are distinctive.

Find sites that offer free icons for downloading (see Resources below) and add more distinctive icons to your desktop.

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