How to Adjust a Bluetooth for Better Reception

By Brandon Getty

Communicate clearly with a few adjustments to your Bluetooth device.
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Whether you're constantly on the go or just someone who loves carrying on a phone conversation hands-free, Bluetooth technology provides convenience. Bluetooth connects devices and allows for the wireless transmission of data. Though Bluetooth is commonly associated with mobile phones and safer driving, it is also used to link computers and various other electronic devices that are compatible with the technology. If your connection or reception isn't as clear as it could be, you can make a few minor adjustments to increase signal strength.

Step 1

Position your Bluetooth device so that it is closer to the device it is communicating with. For example, if you are conducting a call using your Bluetooth earpiece, make sure your mobile phone is within several feet of you. The smaller the distance the signal has to travel, the better your reception will be.

Step 2

Remove obstructions that may block the path of your Bluetooth device's signal. While you're driving, place your phone upright in one of your cup holders or on the passenger seat next to you rather than in your bag or pocket. If you are listening to your MP3 player using Bluetooth headphones, remove the player from your pocket and clip it to your belt, or place it on a nearby table.

Step 3

Remove other devices that may transmit outgoing signals from your work space, as these can interfere with or intercept your Bluetooth signal. If you notice a delay in your cursor activity while using your Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, turn off all nearby radios to improve signal reception.

Step 4

Move metal of any sort away from your Bluetooth device and its antenna. Pocket change, metal pens, filing cabinets and other metal items can block the path of your device's signal. If you use a clip to secure your device to your belt, ensure that it does not have any metal built into it.

Step 5

Insert a Bluetooth signal extender into the USB port on your computer if you are using a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. The extender helps strengthen the connection between your computer and Bluetooth device, allowing you to type or browse from farther away. It also helps prevent interception from other wireless devices.