How to Activate a Motorola Bluetooth

by Quinten Plummer

Motorola's sleek line of powerful, yet stylish and lightweight Bluetooth headsets allow consumers to experience the best in Bluetooth technology at affordable prices. They're also easy to use. You can activate a Motorola Bluetooth device and sync it up with your phone in a few simple steps.

Charge your Motorola Bluetooth headset fully before you activate it. This prevents losing sync during or immediately after you pair your headset with your phone.

Press and hold the "Talk" button on the side of the headset---the button imprinted with the icon of a telephone. Hold the button until the blue status light on the side of the headset flashes, then becomes solid.

Pair the headset with your phone. Using your phone's Bluetooth menu, enter: (Menu > Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Setup).

Select the option to search for devices while your Bluetooth headset remains activated. After a quick scan, your phone should display your headset in the list of Bluetooth items it discovered.

Select your Bluetooth device from the phone's list. Select "Next" or "Continue." Then enter "0000" as the password.

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