How to Activate Dragon Naturally Speaking

by Jim Connor

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a software program designed by Nuance Communications that enables a user to speak instead of type to both transcribe information and control his computer. This is beneficial if you don't like typing or physically cannot do it. The software requires a headset microphone to work and some configuration to get started. To continue using Dragon Naturally Speaking, you must register it or it disables itself. Activation is done online and requires a product serial number. The location of the serial number varies depending on the software version, but it should be located on the box, CD case or manual.

Step 1

Start Dragon Naturally Speaking. When it completes the loading process, click "Activate Now" when prompted and then click "Activate Automatically."

Step 2

Enter the serial number in the space provided and click "Generate Activation Key."

Copy the activation key into the activation text box and click "OK" to activate Dragon Naturally Speaking.


  • Double-check all your entries before continuing to the next step.


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