How to Activate Discover Mode on a Cell Phone

By Kenyonda Bradley

Activating the discover mode on your Bluetooth-capable phone allows you to pair your device with another Bluetooth-capable device, such as a phone, computer or gaming console. Once paired, users can transfer their contacts, photos and media wirelessly from one device to the other within a 33-foot distance. Bluetooth is a popular feature embedded on most cell phones, and is commonly used with a Bluetooth headset for hands-free calling.

Step 1

Turn on both Bluetooth-capable devices and set them near each other.

Step 2

Navigate to the "Settings" menu on your cell phone and locate the "Bluetooth" option.

Step 3

Select the option to place the device in discovery mode.

Step 4

Select the option "Scan for Devices." This will enable the phone to locate compatible Bluetooth devices near its location.

Step 5

Select the device that you want to pair your mobile phone with from the "Available Device" list.

Enter the device password, if prompted, then select "Connect."