How to Transfer Contacts Into Lexus

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Updated September 28, 2017

Most late-model Lexus vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth; however, not every Lexus model supports contact or phone book transfers. Models equipped with audio Bluetooth (non-navigation) do not; however, models equipped with the navigation system do. Bluetooth features may also be limited by your mobile phone; not all mobile phones are fully compatible with the Lexus Bluetooth system. If your phone or Lexus model is not equipped with the feature, you can still add contacts through the vehicle.

Connect to your Lexus via Bluetooth. Press the phone "On" button on your steering wheel. Press "Settings" on your navigation screen, and then press "Bluetooth" and "Register." If your Lexus does not have a navigation system, press the "Speak" button on your steering wheel, then speak "Setup," "Phone Setup" and "Pair Phone" when prompted.

Turn on your phone's Bluetooth feature. The specific instructions will vary between phones, but generally, you can go to "Settings" or "Connections" to start Bluetooth. Once you turn the feature on, choose "Search" or "Search for Bluetooth Devices." Connect to the vehicle, using the passkey displayed on your navigation screen or radio display.

Transfer your contacts. To transfer your contacts, press the "Settings" button on your navigation screen. Choose "Phone Book," and then "Transfer Data." Access the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select the Lexus connection. Choose "Transfer Phone Book."

Add entries to your phone book, if your Lexus isn't equipped with the navigation system, or if your phone doesn't support the phone book transfer. Press the "Speak" button on your steering wheel. At the prompt, speak "Add Entry." Speak the telephone number clearly. Speak the name you want associated with number, and then speak "Confirm."


It's best to check the compatibility of your phone, with your specific Lexus vehicle. See the Resource section to visit the Lexus Bluetooth compatibility verification.