How to Transfer Data With Bluetooth

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 28, 2017

Transferring data between cellular devices via Bluetooth technology is a practical way to share pictures, video and name cards with friends, but may be complicated without proper guidance for those of us who are technologically challenged. Although there are many cell phone providers with different cell phones, the instructions to use Bluetooth data transferring technology are generally the same.

Turn on Bluetooth technology in both phones by going to "Menu," and selecting "Settings and Tools." Select "Bluetooth Menu" and "Turn On" (you may have to navigate through an Options folder within the Bluetooth Menu to do this).

Activate "Discover Mode" on both phones to make your phone "visible" to other cell phones. Select "Options," "Discovery Mode" and "Visible." This will enable your phone to connect wirelessly to another cell phone for data transfer.

On either of the phones, select "Add New Device" to wirelessly search for Bluetooth-enabled cell phones close to you for data transferring. Keep the phone you are connecting to close to the one you are using and it should be detected after a quick search. Select the phone you want to connect to as described by its name (e.g., LG Dare or LG VX9400) and select "OK."

On the same phone you used in Step 3, as a safety precaution to ensure that the data transferring is a communal effort between the owners of the two phones, create the necessitated Passkey by choosing any number and pushing "OK." The phone you are pairing to will show a screen that reads something along the lines of "Pairing request from (phone name). Accept?" Select "Yes." Enter the Passkey you chose earlier on the first phone, and select "OK."

If you will frequently be transferring data between the phones, select "Always Connect" from the resulting pop-up screen. If you will be occasionally transferring data between the phones, select "Always Ask."

To send a Name Card (a contact's full information), select the phone you are pairing to and "Send Name Card." Select the name cards you wish to send and select OK. On the phone you are pairing to, select "Yes" to authorize the Bluetooth data transfer.

To send a picture or video, go to the picture of video you wish to send. Select "send" and "Send via Bluetooth." Choose the cell phone you want to transfer the data to. If this is not an option on your phone, select the phone you are transferring files to from your Bluetooth menu. Select "Browse/Get Files" and go to the folder you want to get data from (e.g., My Pictures). Select the file name of the data you wish to receive.


Complications may arise in Step 3 if various cell phones are detected, especially if they have similar or identical names. If so, change the names of the phones you are pairing to something you will recognize them by by going to Bluetooth Menu, selecting Options, selecting My Device Info (or My Phone Name) and selecting Rename Device and typing the desired name in the space provided. The names of menu options may vary slightly between providers (e.g., for AT&T, the aforementioned "Settings and Tools" option in Step 1 may simply be called "Settings"). There is usually a number next to a menu option to facilitate navigation through the phone's menus; push the number corresponding to an option to access the options more quickly than by scrolling to it and pushing the center or select button.


Keeping Bluetooth continually on on a cell phone requires more battery usage than with it off; to conserve battery power, only turn Bluetooth on when necessity demands.