How to Add a Bluetooth to the iPhone

By Steve Gregory

An iPhone can pair with Bluetooth devices from different manufacturers.
i Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Connecting your iPhone to an appropriate device can improve your productivity at work. For example, if you connect a Bluetooth headset to your iPhone, you can talk to a client while simultaneously typing on your computer. Applicable Bluetooth-enabled devices -- such as a keyboard -- can connect to an iPhone through the device’s Bluetooth utility. Open the iPhone’s "Settings" menu to access the Bluetooth utility and activate the device’s Bluetooth adapter. Your iPhone automatically searches for nearby Bluetooth devices to pair with after you enable its Bluetooth capability.

Put the Bluetooth device in discovery mode. Refer to the device’s user manual for the exact instructions.

Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPhone's Home screen.

Select "Bluetooth" from the list of settings to open the Bluetooth screen.

Slide the "Bluetooth" ON/OFF switch to "ON" and then wait for the iPhone to discover the Bluetooth device.

Tap the name of the Bluetooth device when it appears on the screen and then enter its passkey or PIN number when prompted. Refer to the device's user manual to find its passkey or PIN number.

Tap the "Pair" button to connect the iPhone and the other device. The device's status on the Bluetooth screen changes from "Not Paired" to "Connected" after the successful pairing of the two devices.


Turn off the Bluetooth feature when you are not using it to save your iPhone's battery.


The information in this article applies to an iPhone running iOS 6.1. Instructions may differ slightly or significantly with other versions or products.