How to Put an Ad on Tumblr

By Randall Blackburn

Advertise on Tumblr with sponsored posts, Spotlight and Radar listings.
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Tumblr is now encouraging business users to advertise on the platform. You can purchase sponsored posts on the mobile or Web platform. You can also purchase placement in the Tumblr Spotlight Sponsored section and the Tumblr Radar ad section that displays in users’ dashboards. In addition, Tumblr provides analytic tools to measure the success of your ad campaigns. The Analytics dashboard enables you to track post views, top posts, followers and notes in real time.

Ad Types and Differences

The Mobile Post ad type displays only in the mobile app. Paid ads consume all of the screen real estate when viewed in the user's timeline. Web In-line posts display in the timelines of those viewing their dashboards in a desktop browser. Mobile and Web In-line ads are sold on a per post basis.

Tumblr Radar ads are placed in premium space on users' dashboards, and considered to be the "above the fold" ad type by Tumblr. Radar ads are sold on a per impression basis.

Spotlight ads are curated, and only those blogs that add valuable content to the Spotlight page will be considered. Spotlight ads are sold on a per week basis.

Contact a Brand Strategist

To place an ad on Tumblr, you must work directly with a Tumblr Brand Strategist. Send an email inquiry to “” to request detailed pricing and instructions for placing your ad.