How to Find Out Who Else Follows You on Tumblr

By Melly Parker

Each Tumblr account follows a different set of Tumblr blogs.
i Chris Clinton/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Each Tumblr blog is open to the public by default, so unless you've changed your privacy settings to block public access, any Tumblr user or Internet user can easily navigate to your blog. Knowing who's viewing your posts can help you create more relevant content for those users, which can help increase the number of followers you have and how they engage with your posts. Choose one of several ways to track your Tumblr followers, depending on what information you want to have about them.

List of Followers

The first place to check to see who's following you is your list of followers, which is available both on the desktop site and on the Tumblr mobile app. From your Tumblr dashboard, click "Followers" to see a list of who's following you. In the app, click the silhouette icon to see the number of followers you have and access a list of who is following you.

Tracking Reblogs and Comments

A Tumblr user doesn't have to follow your blog to reblog your post. If you keep track of who frequently reblogs your posts or comments on items you post, you'll have a better idea of who's looking at your page. Only the people who like the post directly from your Tumblr account have definitely accessed it on your blog. Since the post is added to the blog of the person who reblogs it, other people can comment or reblog it from there.

Tracking Likes

If a Tumblr user wants to save your posts without adding it to his own blog, he can click "like" and then access the post from a private list of liked posts. Even though the posts he likes may be private on his page (depending on his privacy settings), Tumblr still notifies you that another user clicked "like" on your post. A list of the users who reblogged, commented on or liked your posts is available under the "Activity" category on your Tumblr dash. Any person you see appear in that list regularly is probably following your Tumblr even if she isn't a subscribed follower.

Tracking Metrics

If you want a more accurate look of who visits your Tumblr page, use a program to track visitors, popular posts, out-clicks and other data. Tumblr endorses Union Metrics, which can track how many notes each post gets and how often your follower count increases, among other variables. Google Analytics provides similar data and operates through your Google account. If you're just interested in the number of visitors and don't require detailed statistics, use a simple tracker like Stat Counter to see how many people visit your blog. To install the programs, add the code for the tracker to your blog template. Some of the features in these programs are fee-based, but other features are available for free.