How to Track Your Tumblr

by Randall Blackburn

There are a variety of ways to track the activity on your Tumblr blog. You can track your followers and those you follow from the Tumblr dashboard. Your followers can message you via the Ask or Fan Mail feature, and you can enable Submit so your followers can also submit posts to your blog. In addition, you can block and ignore users, then track the usernames of those you have blocked. Finally, you can track posts in draft or queue status from your blog’s dashboard.

Track Posts

Each post you publish on your Tumblr blog lists on your timeline in the dashboard. To track the total number of your published posts, click the “Posts” tab to open a list of your original and reblogged posts.

Track Followers and Those You Follow

When your blog acquires its first follower, a Followers tab appears in the right sidebar of the dashboard. Click this tab to view a list of the usernames of the Tumblr users who follow the blog. Click a username in the list to open the user’s primary Tumblr blog. You can also click the “Following” tab to view a list of the usernames of the owners of blogs you follow.

Block and Ignore Users

If a Tumblr user harasses or bothers you, you can use Tumblr's Ignore feature to block the user from sending you messages and commenting on your posts. If the user follows you, click the “Followers” tab in the dashboard, and then click the “Ignore” button next to the user’s username. You can also block users by opening the “Ignore Users” page while logged in to Tumblr, and then entering the usernames or email addresses of the users to block (see Resources).

Track Messages

If you have enabled the Ask, Submit or Fan Mail features on your account or blog, your followers can send messages to you via the Tumblr platform. Your blog visitors can also like, reply to and reblog your posts. You can track the number of messages you receive by clicking the envelope-shaped icon in your primary blog’s dashboard and opening your Tumblr Inbox. Click the entry for a received message, and then type a reply, if desired. The message disappears from your Inbox when you send a reply to the recipient, but the Sent message remains in your Messages box so you can track the conversation. To track your replies, likes and reblogs for any post, click the “Notes” link in the bottom left corner of the post to see a list of likes, replies and reblogs. Note that all messages from the Ask, Submit and Fan Mail features are sent to your account Inbox.

Track Drafts and Queue

Your Tumblr Queue is created when you add a post to the queue or schedule a post to publish in the future. Adding a post to your queue generates a tab labeled “Queue” in the right sidebar of the dashboard. The same applies to the Drafts tab: when you save a post as a draft, a tab labeled “Drafts” is created in the sidebar menu; when you publish the post, the tab disappears.

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