Pairing Record Missing on the iPhone

By Lara Webster

Updated September 28, 2017

The iPhone iOS is compatible with iOS 5, which affords wireless sync.
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If a pairing record goes missing between your iPhone and iTunes, don't panic. While the problem will thwart your efforts to conduct a sync, it is usually fixed very quickly. Similarly, if you accidentally erase a pairing record between the phone and a Bluetooth device, the two units may be paired again in a few seconds.

Pairing Records

Your iPhone can only be paired for syncing with one iTunes library at a time, though you can view and play your iPhone's songs from any computer. Syncing is the process by which you transfer files from iTunes to your iPhone, and purchases from the iPhone back to the computer. If your computer cannot recognize the pairing record for your iPhone, a proper sync cannot be accomplished until the record is reestablished.


The simplest solution to a missing pairing record is to reboot your computer. When your computer reboots, iTunes will also be forced to quit and restart, which will refresh the program. This quick task will often resolve the missing pairing record issue. If it does not, you can also delete iTunes from your computer and then download it again to try to reset the missing pairing record. Restart your iPhone before reattaching it to iTunes.

Software Version

The missing pairing record glitch was reported with iOS version 1.1.3, which was released for the original iPhone. Although you cannot update an original iPhone to the latest version of Apple iOS, the phone will upgrade to version 3.1.3. Updating the software for your device may resolve any future problems with a missing pairing record. Once you get iTunes to recognize your iPhone, go to the "Summary" tab and click "Check for Update."

Bluetooth Pairing

Another form of pairing with the iPhone is used for Bluetooth technology. Each Bluetooth device, such as a keyboard or headphone set, must be paired with your iPhone so they can communicate. If a pairing record goes missing, set your Bluetooth device back to discoverable mode and go to the "Bluetooth" line in the "Settings" menu. Once Bluetooth is enabled, your phone will automatically search for and pair with the Bluetooth device.