How to Prevent Bluetooth Sound Delay

by Nina NixonUpdated September 28, 2017

Slow network performance often causes Bluetooth devices to experience a sound delay or lag. This effect is most likely to occur during in-game voice chats, when chats may even be dropped. Many times, it's out of your control. You can, however, do a few things on your end to help prevent or limit some incidents of Bluetooth sound delay.

Use a wired rather than a wireless connection to connect your router/modem and console and maintain a high signal strength.

Turn off other nearby Bluetooth devices, which may interfere with the Bluetooth device you're using.

Wait for five minutes for the sound delay to subside. Leave a game if you're in one and then return after two more minutes. Pair and reset the chat function based on the instructions in your Bluetooth device's and gaming console product's user's manuals.

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