How to Connect Bluetooth Devices in My MacBook Pro

by Andrew MikaelUpdated September 28, 2017
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Apple's MacBook Pro line of laptop computer systems come with Bluetooth cards built-in for connecting to wireless devices. Use this connectivity to attach wireless keyboards, mice, headsets, headphones, speakers, printers and other devices to the laptop without the clutter of corded devices or the USB dongle required for other wireless accessories. The OS X operating system comes with native support for most common Bluetooth devices, requiring no additional installation or configuration.

Click the Apple icon in the top menu of the Finder and select "System Preferences." Select the "Bluetooth" icon in the Hardware section.

Check the box marked "On" to activate the system's Bluetooth card. Click on "Set Up New Device." Place the MacBook Pro and the Bluetooth device within connection distance of each other, usually several dozen feet or closer.

Turn on the Bluetooth device you wish to connect and set it to pairing mode or make it discoverable. This process varies depending on the specific model of the device. See the device's manual or packaging for specific instructions. Once placed in pairing mode, work quickly to connect the device, as many devices automatically turn pairing mode off after a short time for security.

Wait for the device to appear in the MacBook's "Devices" box. Click on the device and then click "Continue."

Enter the device's pairing passkey when prompted by the Setup Assistant. This four-digit code ensures that the device only accepts secure connections. If you cannot locate the device's paring code in the manual, many devices use "0000" by default. If the device has no passkey it will connect without prompting.

Click "Quit" to exit the setup process and begin using the device. The Bluetooth window will display the device's current connection status. The devices will remain paired, and as long as both devices are turned on and within range they will automatically connect unless you remove the device from the MacBook's Bluetooth menu.


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