How Do I Pair My Bluetooth to My iPhone?

By Maya Walker

Updated September 28, 2017

A Bluetooth headset makes it easier to communicate while driving.
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A Bluetooth headset helps you to communicate hands-free while using a mobile phone. You can pair, or program, your Bluetooth headset to work with your iPhone. Pairing the headset and the iPhone establishes a secure connection that is safe from interference. After pairing your headset with your iPhone, you do not need to perform any additional programming for subsequent times that you use the headset.

Press the “Home” button on your iPhone to view the Home screen. If the phone is locked, slide your finger across the bottom of the screen to unlock it.

Tap the “Settings” icon on the phone's home screen. Tap “General.”

Tap “Bluetooth” and move the slider from “Off” to “On.”

Press and hold the “Answer” button on the side of your Bluetooth headset. Depending on the model of your headset, you may need to hold down the “Volume” button as well. The LED light on the headset should be a solid color. The headset is now in pairing mode.

Tap the name of the Bluetooth headset from the list of devices on your iPhone's screen.

Enter the passcode for the headset when prompted. Refer to your headset's documentation for the passcode. "0000" is often used as a default passcode. A confirmation message will appear to indicate pairing was successful.