How to Connect Bluetooth in a Car

By Shawn McClain

Updated September 28, 2017

The Bluetooth technology in your phone allows it to communicate wirelessly over a short distance to other devices. When it is connected to the computer in your car, it lets you talk on your phone without you having to hold the phone to your ear so that both your hands can be free to steer the car. In order to make this connection, you have to go through a pairing process where your phone and your car's computer locate each other and establish a secure connection.

Turn your car on. It will need to be running, not just in "ACC" mode to connect to Bluetooth. Power on your phone as well.

Access your car computer's menu system. This process will vary depending on the make and model of your car, but most will have a "Menu" button that will bring up a menu on the display.

Scroll to the "Bluetooth" menu and press "OK" or "Enter." Then select the "Add Phone" option. On some models this may be listed as "Add" or "Add Device."

Enter the Bluetooth menu on your mobile phone. The location of the menu will vary based on your phone, but it should be an option under the main menu of your device.

Choose the command to turn your phone's Bluetooth on. This is normally the first option in the Bluetooth menu. If you see a blue Bluetooth icon lit on your phone, your Bluetooth is already on, and you can skip this.

Choose the "Add," "Add New" or "Search for Device" option in the Bluetooth menu of your phone. The exact command may be a little bit different depending on your phone model, but it will be the only option that includes the word "Add" or "Search." Your phone will now display a list of nearby Bluetooth device.

Scroll down the list of devices until you find your car, then select it.

Enter a one- to six-digit code when you are asked to enter a passkey. On some cars, the code will be listed on the display; in others, you will have to enter your own code. If you choose a code, make sure that it is one you can remember. If you enter your own number, you will then have to enter that same code into your car's computer.

Press "OK" oh your phone to complete the pairing process. In some models, your phone book is automatically uploaded to your car's computer, in others you will be given the option to upload your phone book.