How to Pair a Bluetooth With a BMW 5 Series

By Shawn McClain

Updated September 28, 2017

Your BMW 5 Series comes equipped with Bluetooth.
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The BMW 5 Series has Bluetooth connectivity so you can talk on your cell phone using the built-in speaker phone in your car. Before your phone and car can connect, they have to go through the Bluetooth connection process, called pairing. When you pair your car and phone, you are creating a secure personal network over which the two devices can communicate.

Access the Bluetooth menu on your phone and enable the Bluetooth function. This exact process will vary based on your cell phone model, but there should be an “On/Off” option in the Bluetooth menu.

Press down on your BMW’s controller, located just under the gear selector, to access the onboard computer’s menu.

Tap the controller to the right and press it to select “Settings.” Then scroll to then select “Bluetooth.”

Scroll down to “Pair New Phone” and press down on the controller. Then press the selector again to choose “Start Pairing.” You will see your BMW’s ID on the screen.

Select “Add Device” on the Bluetooth menu of your phone. Depending on your phone model, this may be labeled “Add” or “Add New.” Your phone will now search for Bluetooth devices and give you a list of them.

Scroll to the “BMW” device that has the same number as the one on your car’s display and select it.

Create a passkey and enter it on your phone. This can be any number up to 16 digits in length. After you enter it on your phone, you will have 30 seconds to enter the same number on your car’s display by scrolling to each digit with the controller. Once you enter the second passkey, your Bluetooth connection is established.


After you establish the Bluetooth connection, your cell phone's contacts will automatically download to your BMW’s computer.

On some Bluetooth phones, you will have to enter the passkey on the BMW first then on the phone.