How to Sync a Cell Phone With a Car Radio

By Melissa Sabo

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Cellphone with Bluetooth capabilities

  • Car radio with sync features

Sync your phone to your car radio to enable hands-free calling.
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Hands-free cell phone calls are a practical new option being provided in cars with Sync. The process for syncing your phone with your car radio with easy-to-follow instructions makes the process hassle free. Make sure to research your phone and radio system to ensure they are compatible for hands-free calling and that the phone has Bluetooth capabilities. Once you have synced your phone with your car radio, you can enjoy the ease and safety of Bluetooth phone calls from the comfort of your new car.

Scroll through the menu on your cellphone and locate "settings". Select "Bluetooth" from the settings menu. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone. You should see the Bluetooth symbol displayed on your main screen, which is blue with two white sideways triangles and a sideways "V".

Depress the phone button on your car radio console to activate the phone feature. The car will notify you that no phone is connected and then ask if the radio can attempt to locate a phone. Press "yes" or "send" to locate your cell phone. The car radio will locate your phone and then offer a PIN number.

Select the "devices" option under your Bluetooth menu on your phone. Highlight the "sync" device and select "OK". Input the pin number provided as a security measure. Your phone is now synced with your car and available for hands-free calling.

Choose "yes" when the radio asks if you want to set this as your primary phone, unless you have already paired other phones that you intend to continue to use. The radio will prompt you to download your phone book. Select yes to allow for making phone calls using the names on your phone book rather than supplying the actual phone number.

Push the phone button on your radio console to initiate a phone call. When prompted by the radio, speak "call" followed by a name exactly as it appears on your cell's phone book. Or to dial a number say "dial" followed by the number you want to call including the area code. Make sure to speak slowly and over-enunciate to improve your accuracy with voice commands.


Your car, phone and radio must all be on in order to complete this process. Additionally, most cars will not allow you to complete this process while the car is in motion.


Take care while making and receiving calls to ensure that you are not distracted while driving.