How to Connect to the LG HBM 730 Bluetooth

By Michelle Varsallona

Updated September 28, 2017

The LG HBM-730 headset can be paired with any cell phone that has a capable Bluetooth connection. The process called “pairing” is used to connect the headset to the phone, and once this connection is established, the phone will always recognize the headset just by turning on Bluetooth. You will then be able to have conversations with friends and family safely while driving.

Press and hold the “Pwr/End” button on the headset for five seconds. A red light on the headset will turn on when it enters pairing mode.

Enter the Bluetooth options on your device and set it into discovery mode. On most devices, it is “Add Device” or “Search.”

Choose “LG HBM-730” from the list of devices.

Enter the passkey, “0000,” to complete the pairing. You will hear a beep on the headset to confirm that it is successfully connected to the device.