How to Get Dragons on Zoo Tycoon

By Justin Hazelton

Updated September 22, 2017

i Liquidlibrary/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

"Zoo Tycoon" is the zoo installment in the Tycoon series. "Zoo Tycoon" allows you to create, build and manage your own Zoo. With all the animals you can have, the hidden dragons can help increase your profit and numbers. Dragons will help your zoo become a spectacle and therefore make you money to help build more exhibits and win the game.

Start your Zoo Tycoon game. Either start a new game or select your game save in order to start playing the game.

Buy an exhibit. Once you are playing the game, your objective is to create a well-established zoo. To do so, you have to purchase exhibits to attract guests. To get a dragon, you have to purchase an exhibit and name it "mystery island."

Get your dragon. Go to the "adopt an animal" panel on your gameplay menu and the dragon will be available to adopt. Now you can place a dragon in one of your exhibits. The dragon brings in a lot of guests, so it helps your zoo a lot.