How to Make an ISO Image of a Game Cube Game

By Stephen Lilley

Updated September 22, 2017

Make an ISO Image of a Game Cube Game

An .ISO image is a computer file containing all of the contents of a CD or DVD compressed down into one file. An .ISO is ideal for storing the contents of a disc on a hard drive and can easily be burned to disc at a later time. The act of making an .ISO image of a Game Cube game is to rip the contents of the disc to your hard drive into an .ISO file.

Put the Game Cube game you'll be working with in your DVD writer drive.

Download and install Nero Burning Rom. Though it will cost money to use, Nero Burning Rom is one of the most feature-heavy, useful burning suites on the market today. Nero can be purchased, downloaded and installed from

Open Nero. During installation a file was placed on your desktop, which you can open by double clicking on it.

Select "DVD Copy" from the wizard that appears. In computing terms, a wizard is a simplified version of all the main options a program has to offer put in one place that is easy to access.

Select "Burn Image" from the "Recorder" sub-menu located at the top of the Nero window. This will let the program know that instead of making a copy of the Game Cube game to a DVD, you want it ripped to your computer in the form of a .ISO disc image. Select the "Burn" option and Nero will do just that.