How to Send Ringtones Between Phones Using Bluetooth

by Angela M. Wheeland

Using Bluetooth is a common way to share music, ring tones and photos with other cell phone users. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that transmits data between two or more devices within close proximity (about 30 feet) using radio signals. This creates a personal area network that allows the devices to share data and files wirelessly. To send ring tones between two phones, both phones must be Bluetooth-compatible and within range.


Open the Bluetooth menu on the first phone. Turn on Bluetooth by selecting "Turn On" or "On." Select "Turn on Discovery" to allow devices to search for this cell phone.


Open the Bluetooth menu on the second phone and enable Bluetooth by selecting "Turn On" or "On." Select "Search for Devices" to begin searching for the first phone.


Choose the first phone from the results of available devices found by the second phone. The results might list the phone's brand, model number or a personalized name previously defined by the user.


Create a four-digit code and enter it in phone one. Enter the same code in phone two. This approves permission for the phones to synchronize.


Navigate to the folder containing the ring tones you wish to transfer. Select a ring tone and choose "Send via Bluetooth."


Approve the transfer on the other phone and allow the ring tone to transfer. Repeat this process until all desired ring tones have been transferred.


Open the Bluetooth menu on each phone and select "Turn Off" to terminate the Bluetooth connection.


  • check The technique to turn on Bluetooth and transfer ring tones might differ from one phone to another. If you are unsure of how to enable Bluetooth, consult your phone's user manual for the correct procedure.

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