How to Reset a Motorola Bluetooth

by Kefa Olang

Resetting your Motorola Bluetooth headset automatically clears pairing data and restores the device to the default factory state. Performing a reset is necessary if you run into problems connecting the device to a cell phone, or if you want to pair it to a new phone. Either way, you can reset your Motorola Bluetooth headset with a few quick steps.


Press the "Power" button to turn off your Motorola Bluetooth device, and then power it back on.


Press and hold the "Volume" and "Call" buttons together for at least 10 seconds if turning the device off and back on didn't resolve the issue. Wait for the indicator light on the Bluetooth headset to glow steady blue. This indicates that it has been restored to the factory default state.


Pair the Bluetooth headset with your cell phone following the instructions provided with your specific headset and phone.


  • check Your Motorola Bluetooth headset must be turned on to reset it.


  • close Resetting a Motorola Bluetooth headset automatically clears previously configured pairing information. You must pair the device with your phone again.

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