What Does Zoosk Messenger Offline Mean?

By Jennifer Leighton

Zoosk is an online dating website that uses social networks as a means of connection for its users. Sites such as MySpace and Facebook allow Zoosk you to merge accounts so that you can interact in a variety of ways over the Internet. Much of the communication on Zoosk is done via personal messaging or an optional downloadable instant messenger. You can chat on social networking sites and Zoosk simultaneously if desired. Instant messaging is available to all Zoosk users, but if you choose not to use it, you can turn the feature off via the Offline option.

Offline Status

Selecting the Offline Messenger status, the third option in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the online friends list on the Zoosk site, will make you appear to be offline and therefore unavailable for any type of Zoosk messenger communication. Even though you may select the Offline option, you'll still be able to see a list of Zoosk friends who are either available or away.

Available Status

When the Zoosk messenger program is installed on your computer, you'll automatically appear online, and a list of other Available status Zoosk users will appear in a menu on the main Zoosk screen. This means that you'll appear as available to chat to any people who are on your friends list. This status can be changed at any time using the status option drop-down menu at the bottom of the online friends list.

Away Status

You can click the drop-down "Messenger Status" menu at the bottom of the online friends list to adjust your status to Away. The Away status signifies that you're online but don't wish to enter any Zoosk messenger conversations at that time.

Status on Social Networks

You can be logged into the Zoosk messenger and Facebook or other social network messengers at the same time, but your status must be set separately. If you choose to appear offline on Facebook messenger, this doesn't make you automatically appear offline on Zoosk; you must still select that status on the Zoosk site.