The Zoom Key Doesn't Work on a Logitech Wave Keyboard

By Andy Warycka

Installing the proper drivers can restore full functionality to your keyboard.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

The zoom key on the Logitech Wave keyboard is a handy feature when you need to closely examine a photo, graphic or text, but when it’s not working can be very frustrating. Like many keyboards with extra function keys, the Wave uses additional software to provide drivers for non-standard keys -- meaning the fix can be just a software installation away.

SetPoint and Control Center Software

Logitech keyboards and mice come with the SetPoint software (Logitech Control Center for Apple) which allows you to configure and customize your mouse buttons and F-keys, and provide battery level and other status indicators. This software also contains the device-specific drivers for the keyboard. Windows has built-in drivers for generic keyboards which support traditional buttons -- letters, numbers, symbols, and F-keys -- but specialized features like zoom and audio control may not function correctly without the software installed.

Install or Update

If you’ve never installed the software for your Wave keyboard, go to Logitech’s support site (link in Resources) and download the appropriate version for your operating system. If you have previously installed the software, check to see if you have the most recent version installed, as it’s possible a operating system update may have caused the old driver to stop working correctly.